Quality Strategy
« Quality Strategy »
Negin Mashhad Carpet Company was established in 1992 and produces varieties of machine-woven carpets (mostly of high quality) in traditional and modern designs.
To obtain customer satisfaction and trust, the company has designed and implemented a suitable quality system based on ISO 9001/2008 quality management standards. This quality system is used in design, development, and manufacture of the products.
« The Managers and Personnel of Negin Carpet »
 1. Customer-centered and move towards satisfying customer demands according to the requirements of the markets.
2.   Result-oriented, i.e. they are after sustainable success of all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, personnel, and suppliers.
3.   Stable and dedicated to transparent and clear goals and objectives, and this creates more integrity and cooperation among the strategist, managers, and personnel of the company which in turn contribute to the company's outstanding performance in all fields.
4.   Process-oriented, i.e. administer the company through creating and managing interrelated processes, systems, and facts. These processes assist the company in satisfying the needs and demands of both the customers and the stakeholders.
5.   Development-oriented, i.e. they support the personnel by developing the company and letting them participate in all tasks in order to detect their worth and value to the whole company; and this causes the personnel to use all of their potentials for prosperity of the company.
6.   Always learning from the results of their actions and activities, even those of their rivals, and always look for the best and optimized methods and ways and try to follow the example of other domestic or foreign companies.
7.   Concerned about all stakeholders, shareholders, customers, personnel, and suppliers besides being committed to their social responsibilities. They believe that only in a healthy and relatively well-off society the stakeholders' interest will be best guaranteed and protected.
8.   Negin Carpet Company interacts with its partners and rivals on issues in which they have shared interests, and does everything in its power to get to such goals.
9.   At least once per year the managers hold several meetings in order to review the quality strategy of the company and then proceed to revise it according to all factors influencing quality.
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